Bring the Joy of Harp Into Your Life

Whether your child is interested in playing the harp, or you are an adult learning an instrument for the first time, the harp is a joy to learn. And I would be delighted to teach you! No musical experience required.

Harp Lessons

Lessons are available in person and over Skype. If you are considering learning to play the harp please speak to me or whichever harp teacher you choose to study with before purchasing a harp to determine what sort of harp is best suited to your needs.

You may have a lot of questions when you first start learning about harps. Check out the FAQ below, and if you have questions about my studio or learning the harp in general, please contact me.

My Teaching Philosophy

I believe in a positive and encouraging learning environment and striving to help each student achieve his or her personal best. I believe in starting with a strong technical foundation and good posture to prevent injury. I use and teach the Salzedo harp method, but I borrow from other techniques when appropriate. I want my students to have a good understanding of music theory, the historical context of their repertoire, and how to practice effectively. Above all else, I believe learning and playing music should be fun!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need my own harp?

Yes, you need a harp at home to practice on. Renting is an option if you don’t own a harp and want to determine if harp is the right fit for you before investing in your own harp.

How much do harps cost?

It varies a lot based on a lot of factors, such as size of the harp, what it’s made of, who made it, how many levers it has (or if it has pedals), etc. If you are interested in a purchasing a harp, please contact me or whichever teacher you choose to study with to help select the harp that’s best for you.

How often are lessons?

Lessons are once a week at the same time each week (occasionally we may need to reschedule which is fine).

How long are lessons?

Lessons are generally 30 minutes for a beginner, and as we progress we may move to 45 or 60 minute lessons.

Do I have to take lessons in person?

In person lessons are great if you live in Winnipeg, but if you live somewhere else we can do video lessons over Skype or Discord! Please contact me for more information.

Will you come to my house?

No, I do not offer in-home lessons at this time.

Do I need to have piano/musical background?

It will help a little with reading music and finger dexterity, but isn’t necessary by any means. Hard work and practice are much more important than talent or experience.

How old should my child be to start harp lessons?

I begin teaching harp students at age 8 at the earliest.

How much do I have to practice?

Harp is special as you can easily get a beautiful sound from day one, but the technique can be fairly difficult, and as such it is very important that my harp students practice at least 4 times per week. Progress cannot be made in lessons if the student is not practicing.

Do I have to bring my own harp to the lesson?

It can be beneficial to have your personal harp you’re used to at the lesson, but if it is not possible to bring it I have harps that you can use during the lesson time.