Carbon Fibre: The Perfect Outdoor Harp


As of 2019, I will only be playing outdoor weddings on my carbon fibre lever harp, as pictured here. This harp is perfect for the outdoors! I absolutely love this harp and want to share why I’m so excited about it.

Playing harp outdoors has always come with its own challenges; wooden instruments are susceptible to damage from direct sunlight and water, humidity and wind, and the full size pedal harp cannot always reach the playing destination easily.

The carbon fibre material, rather than wood, offers the following benefits:

  • It won’t be damaged by light drizzle, so if it’s cloudy, I can still confidently remain outdoors

  • It stays in tune better in the heat and humidity during the summer, or on colder days such as in May or September

  • Very light and easy to carry across big bumpy fields, up stairs, around the back of a house to the backyard, or wherever you need me to play (it even fits in a golf cart!)

  • If it is very windy, I can lay it down if I need to step away from it for a moment

  • Although I would still prefer to play in the shade, if it isn’t possible it won’t be damaged by direct sunlight.

In other words, it means more predictability for you when planning your event. With the pedal harp, there was much more risk that I would have to say no to playing outdoors if there was even a slight risk of drizzle or if it was too windy. Although I still can’t play in pouring rain (I imagine you won’t want to be outside either - and I’m always happy to inside your rain location), the carbon fibre harp is so much more reliable when playing outdoors!

Samantha Ballard .